Why Positive Approach Dog Training?

Use of Positive Reinforcement Training

We have helped you train literally thousands of dogs over the past twenty years. Our positive training methods produce great results without the need for choke chains, prong collars, shock collars or other types of physical correction and punishment. Research shows that dogs trained using these methods are generally more socially balanced and well adjusted, making them better family members.

Small Class Sizes

Classes and workshops are small in size, (4 per class), and held at our private training center. All of our training, including classes, is available 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) and times are varied to accommodate your busy, changing schedule.

We Can Come to You

Private lessons are held at our training center, your home, or wherever need be to train your dog most effectively.

Trainer Certification

Positive Approach is the only dog training center that requires its lead trainers to have their Certified Professional Dog Trainers Certification (CCPDT).

Star began at PA in the puppy classes and we had additional support from Jeri Lynn in our home. Our Vet recommended PA. Star loves to be at PA, he jumps out of the car and races to the desk. Staff always greet him and he is so happy to be there – and that makes his owner happy as well
Star's Family

Upcoming Classes

Well Trained Puppy/Dog,

Level 1

Classes begin with a human-only seminar followed by three 1 hour classes with your pup.  We have classes beginning on the following days:  

  • Wednesday, April 10th
  • Monday, April 15th
  • Saturday, April 20th
  • Thursday, April 25th
  • Monday, May 6th
  • Tuesday, May 14th
  • Wednesday, May 22nd
  • Saturday, June 1st
  • Monday, June 3rd
  • Thursday, June 20th
  • Tuesday, June 25th



Plus 1, Level 2

Course consists of three 1 hour classes with your pup.  We have classes beginning on the following days: 

  • Thursday, May 2nd
  • Monday, June 10th

Less Talk, More Action, Level 3

Course consists of four 1 hour classes with your pup.  Classes will meet at different outdoor locations each week.  We have classes beginning on the following days: 

  • Tuesday, June 4th
  • Wednesday, June 5th
  • Thursday, June 27th

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Obedience Training

Obedience Training

Well Trained Dog/Puppy

Well Trained Dog/Puppy

Level I - $225

Establish an amazing foundation for your relationship with your dog. We cover sit, lie down, and stay; leave-it alone; walk nicely on leash; “wait” at the front door; and of course “come here” even in distracting surroundings. Have a polite, well behaved pet all day, every day. (4-week course)



Level II - $220

This stepping-stone class will take what you’ve learned in your first class and apply it to this fun, three-week interactive class with your dog. We will have a “playground for higher learning” set up to work with your dog and grow the bond between the two of you. (3-week course)

Less Talk More Action

Less Talk More Action

Level III - $205

This class builds on what you have done in Level I & II. We “take it to the streets!” The course is offered from May thru the first of September and is outdoors. We go to public areas and work our dogs. This level really tests you and your dog in real life situations and is exciting! (4-week course) 

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Level IV - $190

At this point we are working on getting you and your dog equipped to pass the CGC Test, at the end of the course. We take what you have been working on, through the other three classes, and prepare you to take the final test on week four of this course. (4-week course) 

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Private Lessons

Please Note: *In home lessons are limited to 30 minuets from 98409. Locations outside this range may have an additional travel charge assessed.

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